Background And testimony of "The Bay of Fires Walk For Spiritual Seekers", Tasmania, Australia.


In summer 2017-2018 I, (Tim Crawshaw) had a photography exhibition based on the amazing coastal scenery in the Bay of Fires, Tasmania. This exhibition incorporated my personal spiritual Christian Journey for a secular audience. The photographs served as sign posts and markers in my spiritual journey which were able to be read alongside the hanging work.

Visit the exhibition website here for more info and to read the story:

In mid 2018 I was walking down the Picnic Point walking track in Toowoomba in Queensland (over 2000 km’s away) and a red flame appeared above my forehead in spirit, similar to what the disciples of Jesus experienced in the book of Acts in the bible. God proceeded to tell me that I was to take people on a spiritual walk for seekers and revealed to me that all my prior Bay of Fires activities had been preparation for this. After receiving the download my first response to him was "of course that's what you had planned all along", and then proceeded to praise him for the execution of his plan!!!! 

Testimony of anointing the ground in preparation for the Bay of Fires Walk For Spiritual Seekers. 29-30th September 2018.

Day 1.

It became clear after cancellations and lack of commitment from Christian friends that God had decided that he wanted me anointing the ground and experiencing the first walk in his presence with one other trusted friend without the distraction of other people. My friend Deborah had flown down from Queensland as she felt this was something God wanted her to be part of. Looking back I can see that this was Gods will. 

We left Low Head at around 3 am to make the sunrise in Stumpys Bay in Mt William National Park. Before leaving I anointed Debs head with anointing oil and we prayed for God to go ahead in the power of the Holy Spirit to prepare our way.

Driving down Deb said a word from the lord was to "Be Expectant" that God was going to meet us there. I contemplated the awesomeness of spending time with the creator who created one of the most beautiful parts of the world I have seen.

We began walking on what was going to be about 12km that day with very heavy gear (one tent each, 5 litres of water, sleeping equipment etc). I also walked with a tripod and a heavy camera.

The walk initially was about taking in the scenery and then I read some scripture on the beach (one of the psalms) and began declaring the land anointed in the name of Jesus Christ. I began feeling the spirit come out from within and down from heaven. The sand in the dunes and the land began to turn red in the spirit.

God gave me a word to give to Deb about him wanting her to be a child in his presence for the remainder of the walk. 

We stopped by a stagnant creek which was filled with beautiful granite boulders. It was time to take a toilet break. Once completed I went out without my gear towards the beach and began holding out my hands to fully receive Gods presence. The anointing that began was as strong as I've experienced, it literally felt as through I had become a conduit between heaven and earth. I anointed Deb again on her forehead and imparted the spirit on her head. Tears came and I fell to my knees with an anointing incredibly powerful and beautiful - it made me tremble. I felt an urge to dig my fist in below the sand and I yelled out "I declare this land HOLY in the name of Jesus Christ and that this is his land". Then I experienced a massive dramatic transfer of energy being poured into the ground. The ground had become anointed. In my spirit I knew it was done.

After realising what had just happened and taking stock I saw in the spirit the ground had turned red again and I looked up and saw an illuminated cross of Gold above us towards where we were walking. God was confirming that the anointing had taken place and that this was now his holy land. The Joy I experienced in that revelation from the lord was something I will never forget. It is something that has occurred outside space and time. The way the cross illuminated in the sky stirred my spirit in elation and worship - it was unexpected but not surprising.

After walking about 10 km we began to get quite sore around the shoulders and we prayed for healing. The prayer was answered immediately and the pain left. 

I took a lot of pictures on the way in between anointing the ground. The prayer of anointing was accompanied by a tangible sense of spirit descending and at times I saw waves of power being released from my feet (like how a rock thrown into a body of water creates rings). The ground was incredibly red.

When it was time to set up camp for the night I anointed the ground and asked Jesus himself to come down in form or spirit from heaven and come to the camp site.

We had a prayer session and the scripture we read was Romans 8. God specifically asked us to pray for the Media in Australia. We also prayed for all the people who had received a copy of my book "How to Avoid Spiritual Bankruptcy in a Success Driven Age. Jesus Without Religion" and that God would supernaturally work into their lives with the power of the holy spirit.

When I filled up my dinner plate I walked down to the water and asked the lord to come and sit with me as I ate. I began eating and had a clear vision of the face of a sheep. The lord had been telling me in the weeks prior that he was making me a shepherd of his sheep. When I'd finished my dinner I got up and saw a clear flash of purple light on the rock next to me.

I got up and told Deb who was on the other side of the camp site and as I started speaking to hear the whole campsite ground filled up with purple lights on the ground. Deb said she saw the lights too at the same time but she saw the lights as more cobalt blue. It remained for about a second and a half. it was God revealing his supernatural presence!

Nature called again and I began to make my way up a sand dune for privacy and as I was walking I was stopped by a powerful presence. My feet stopped walking and I had to hold up my hand and turn away as it was to strong to look at. Deb saw this and I began to vibrate dramatically. It was almost like a burning bush episode. I believe it was the lord. I had asked him to be there. After about 20 seconds I got used to the power and proceeded up to do my business.

Lights began flashing every where on the ground and at one moment down on the water I looked back at the camp site and saw an illuminating presence in the middle that must have been the lord.

After a long day we went to bed to the sound of the waves knowing that God was with us on his holy land.

Day 2.

No supernatural events to report of during the night. I got up to take pics of the Sunrise after prayers and asked God to anoint the photographs I took. I was overcome by the divinity I saw in them.

We packed up and started walking the remaining 8 km in a state of overwhelming thanks and praise for what had happened the day before. And we did not wake up sore - God answered our healing prayers!

A seal emerged in the water and we watched it chase fish and come right to the shoreline.

Deb got distracted with her gear and I moved on anointing the ground again.

The ground turned red but this time something different happened I saw trumpets in the sky (2) and felt an overwhelming sense of celebration and fan fair from heaven. It was like we were being cheered on. I felt an enormous sense of encouragement, it was like coming to the end of a marathon. (Writing this I just noticed a huge purple flash on the wall on my left side). I believe that heaven was celebrating the anointing of the land and that we Gods children had been obedient and key players in carrying out his will. This experience corresponds with Hebrews 12:1 (The cloud of witnesses).

Right after the vision of the trumpets and celebration a beautiful shell appeared at my feet and I knew to pick this up as this was a gift to instantly connect me with his presence in the supernatural. (Remember the shell).

We walked to the lighthouse and were picked up and taken home.

That night I picked up the shell and went straight back into the spiritual zone that had accompanied me as I picked it up from the beach. The shell was loaded with Gods supernatural presence.

I wanted to try something out. I gave Dad the shell and asked him in spirit to receive the power on it. He started shaking. "Can you feel the power?" I asked him. He replied "You ain't kidding", which is his way of saying "it's knocking my socks off".

Later on in the evening Dad said he had a vision of Christs face in the shell that illuminated.