We believe that it is vital in an era where people are becoming increasingly disengaged from the traditional church model to offer spiritual experiences that portray God accurately and authentically without man made religion getting in the way. We want to give god freedom to move without being boxed in by human limitation.

The Bay of Fires Walk For Spiritual Seekers is a Non For Profit operation. We run it because God has asked us to and because we want to continue to see him transform peoples lives in only the way that God can.

We are currently investigating the logistics to become a registered charity etc.

Until then we are grateful for any help you can provide us with to offer the walk for FREE to anyone who wants to come.

We are currently seeking:

  • Hiking backpacks (large).

  • One Person tents

  • sleeping bags (with a temperature rating to 0 degrees c).

  • Hiking matts

  • A volunteer to pick up walkers from the end point and drive them back to their cars at the start.

  • Prayer intercession for participants while walks are in progress.

  • A donation to purchase house/land in the area for walkers to stay at for hospitality and debrief post walk.

Money can be donated through ING BanK Australia:

Tim and Deb Crawshaw

BSB 923100

ACC 300625319