Testimonials from past walkers on the Bay of FIres Walk For Spiritual seekers.

Adeng Santino, Age 18, Queensland.

My time spent with Tim and Deb was like a breath of fresh air. I feel like I’ve grown and learnt so much more than years spent inside a church could ever do! No lifeless religion or formula. Their spiritual fervour can’t be compared to anyone else that I’ve ever known. I was constantly encouraged to seek, ask for, expect and receive the supernatural. Tim and Deb genuinely live and breathe Christ. I’m blessed to know such beautiful people. I’ve been set up for true lifestyle Christianity and will truly never be the same.

Natalia Biasetto, Age 31, Launceston.

I had no friends interested in hiking. No hiking experience. No hiking gear. No money whatsoever to afford it. But, a “weird” feeling and a very high expectation was burning inside of me and saying that it was worth a try. 

I prayed putting the desire of going to this walk in God’s hands. Do you ever experienced a feeling after praying that a miracle was about to happen? Yeah, I got this feeling! 

By faith I walked into the Kathmandu store (why not?!) and I looked at all the things that I “should” buy for my first “overnight hiking trip”. Well, guess what, I walked out empty handed. Ok, lets be realistic and check Gumtree LOL. 

Anyway, long story short, God has provided and blessed me with even more I expected for this walk. I mean, everything! 

When I came to this walk I didn’t have a clear picture of what I was expecting, but I knew I wanted to build a solid spiritual relationship with God and to know who I am in Him. 

I had the privilege of walking alongside incredible people who consistently pushed and inspired me to go deep in my relationship with God. I’ve learned so much in this walk, I’ve made some great new friends, I’ve experienced so many miracles and how hiking is a bit like life. Hiking (and life) it’s your journey, no one can walk it for you, but others can walk with you, to help when you need, to guide when you don’t know the way and to show you that there’s so much power in just be open and trust in what God wants to share with you. It makes a huge impact on the journey and if you allow yourself the opportunity to be present throughout the entirety of the trek, you will witness beauty every step of the way and have a lot of fun too.

To anyone out there who either wants to come closer to God or find yourself, I encourage putting God at the centre of your life. Don’t be afraid of not knowing anyone or not having the gear you think you will need. Step out in faith and have the courage to chase him and give him your full attention. I mean, If you’re reading this, if you’re curious about it, I truly believe He’s doing something in your life that He’s just saying, you know what? Just trust me because I’m preparing you for something awesome and I will exceed your expectations. That’s what happened with me on this walk. 

God bless your journey! 

Natalia Biasetto 

pastor Mark Westbrook 45, Bundaberg.

So many people talk about God doing a new thing! But within their context they wait for change to come to their box.

I have never been to Tasmania. I have never hiked to specifically have an Encounter God.

But having accepted the invitation to the Bay of fires walk from Tim I believe that God was inviting me to experience Him in a new way.

From the first step God moved through the amazing location and the Ministry of Tim and Deb.

Specific times to pray, meditate and the camaraderie of the other walkers was a powerful key to renewing my personal relationship with Christ. I would absolutely recommend that pastors and all clergy participate in the Bay of fires walk for spiritual seekers.

Blessings Mark Westbrook.